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Sharon Town Meeting 5/2 @7pm- Athletic Fields

We need all of the parents of children in the Sharon school system and youth sports organizations to attend the Town Meeting on Monday May 2, 2016 at 7:00 PM at the Sharon High School to vote in favor of Article 6 and Article 7.  Those articles will secure funding to build a new field in town and start the renovation process of our overused fields.  Passing these two articles will benefit the children of Sharon from Pre-Kindergarten through seniors in high school for many years to come.  Every vote counts!

Athletic fields in the town for both schools and sports organizations are overcrowded and overused. The youth football and lacrosse teams practice on undersized and poorly maintained fields.  The youth soccer teams, both recreational and travel, practice on overcrowded fields.  Fields at the Sharon Middle School have suffered from deferred maintenance along with the lack of irrigation.  The Sharon High School fields are over used and provide poor playing surfaces.  Heights and Cottage Elementary Schools have no available land to develop full sized playing fields.  The fields at East Elementary School are in need of rehabilitation and maintenance.  The fields at Ames Street suffer from poor drainage.

 Field maintenance needs to be restored to a level to maintain safe playing conditions, resting the fields is one of the best ways to maintain a field.  Sharon’s population will continue to grow placing demands on fields.  As stewards of town assets we need to maintain our existing resources to meet our present needs with an eye toward the future.  Sharon’s excellent educational system and the town’s social diversity should be matched by similar opportunities to excel at athletics.


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